About Longcat

From Virtual Reality…

Longcat is a France-based provider of innovative 3D audio solutions for the pro-audio, industry, museographic and entertainment markets. Founded in 2007 with a team that brings strong experience in 3D audio and Virtual Reality, Longcat has been granted twice the Innovation Prize from the French Ministry for the Industry and Research, and was awarded the Young Innovative Company Status by the French Ministry of Economy in 2009.

We started as a VR solution provider and first released SoundPack, a full-featured 3D-audio engine for Dassault Systèmes Virtools, providing real-time binaural, transaural and VBAP rendering to immersive installations and industrial simulations. SoundPack has been used by various industrial and academic research labs.

… to Professional Audio solutions


In 2008, we started working on a totally new 3D-audio engine: Kitten. Thousands of R&D hours were dedicated to creating a modern and versatile, multi-threaded, multi-platform, 3D audio engine that would render any audio scene with Longcat’s VBAP, Ambisonics or binaural, as well as third-party renderers.

In 2010, this effort culminated with the release of AudioStage, world’s first object-based 3D-audio authoring system for digital audio workstations, followed in 2011 by the highly acclaimed binaural panner H3D, which was the first plugin to provide the user with a full-featured 3D interface to audio objects.

Research and development services

Since then, Longcat has been working as a technology and R&D provider for major audio and industry companies. Longcat is a certified Avid Connectivity Partner.