Benjamin BERNARD

Spatial audio specialist, project manager & interaction designer

Benjamin holds a master degree in Information Technologies from Arts-et-Métiers ParisTech engineering school, a master degree in Music and Sound Recording from the Paris National Music Conservatory, and graduated from the HEC Paris Startup Institute. He has been working for more than fifteen years on various technological projects in the audio field, starting with his first firm Herissons. Before launching the Longcat Audio Technologies project back in 2006, he had also designed the implementation of noise removal algorithms for Purenotes and Merging, provided interaction design to the Listen european project, and handled motion tracking technologies during the Vibratis european project. He’s also an experienced postproduction / live sound engineer, a trained musician, and has been working as recording engineer and artistic director for various record companies.

Clément CARRON

Spatial audio and graphic engines specialist – Interaction and application designer

A founding member of Longcat, Clément has been working on the project since early 2007 and has been a partner since the creation of the firm. He holds a master degree in Engineering from Arts-et-Métiers ParisTech engineering school, a master degree in Simulation and Virtual Reality from the ENSAM Institut Image, and graduated from the HEC Paris Startup Institute. Before serving as the Longcat CTO then CEO, he worked for Electronic Arts as a QA engineer.

François BECKER

Audio DSP and Computer Vision expert – Software architect and application designer

François holds a master degree in electrical engineering, computer science and telecommunications from the ENSEA and the Technische Universität Darmstadt. He has more than 10 years of expertise in DSP, computer vision and real-time systems, and previously worked for Signoptic as a Machine Vision Software engineer (patent: WO2009056571 / EP2220481B1 / US20100231894), worked on an audio signal processing research project (Honda ASIMO) at the Tech Univ Darmstadt, and participated in an image processing research project (AXMEDIS) at Fraunhofer IGD.