In-house technologies and software (2007-2017)

Published software

SoundPack - Virtual Reality audio engine for Dassault Virtools

SoundPack (2007)
3D-audio engine for Dassault Virtools

AudioStage 3D_1

AudioStage (2009)
Object-based 3D-audio authoring system

H3D — Binaural panner plugin

H3D (2011)
Binaural panner plugin

Kitten v1 & v2 audio engines

  • graph-based multi-threaded object-based audio engine
  • built-in simultaneous 3D-audio renderers (binaural, transaural, VBAP, HOA…)
  • multiple simultaneous listeners, spatially distributed multi-emitter sources
  • comprehensive multi-room acoustics simulation with coupling, surface transmission and absorption
  • API and SDK to integrate 3rd-party 3D-audio renderers

Other technologies and works

  • Interprocess audio
    • Low-latency, sample-accurate multichannel interprocess audio and metadata communication library
    • Enhanced to support 500+ audio streams on a single computer
  • LBridge
    • multi-platform bridging solution for 32/64-bit audio plugins and applications


Custom research, product development and studies for 3rd-party companies (2008-2017)

Virtual Reality and 360° media

  • Mozart 360° – Urban Week Paris La Défense, September 2016: 3D sound production workflow, enhanced live 3D audio rendering

Object-based audio & DAW mixing tools

  • Integrated DAW audio plug-in suite for channel- and object-based audio authoring
  • Custom MDA renderer implementations
  • MDA bitstream export implementation
  • Game audio engine integrations


Binaural technologies

  • Low coloration, low complexity headphone rendering technology for static channel-based content, C-code API targeting embedded and desktop systems
  • Low complexity head-tracked binaural, porting to ARM architectures
  • Methods for removal of idiosyncratic cues and post-personalization of HRTF data
  • Enhancements in binaural rendering of stereo, surround and upmixed signals
  • Low-complexity, high-quality dynamic room simulation with 2D/3D output


3D panning over loudspeakers

  • Novel algorithm for robust 3D audio rendering with flexible spatial distribution control
  • 3D graphical tool for automatic VBAP speaker maps authoring
  • Automatic algorithmic generation of optimal 3D speaker mappings


Other research topics

  • Practical solutions for virtual height speaker rendering over custom enclosures
  • Dynamic high-quality parametric binaural room simulation algorithms
  • Network-based, service-oriented architecture for object-based audio mixing and rendering
  • Parametric soundfield analysis and coding
  • Blind source separation