The Longcat team brings wide experience to audio-related ventures and handles desktop, mobile and embedded project design, development and testing services.

3D-audio algorithm design and development

  • Binaural, transaural, vector and distance-based amplitude or intensity panning
  • First and High Order Ambisonics

Custom panning laws for 2D and 3D layouts

Audio processing algorithm design

  • Advanced room acoustics simulation
  • Dynamic reverberation algorithms
  • Upmixing, source separation, spatial analysis, spatial audio coding

Audio software development

  • Channel and object-based audio
  • Multiplatform DAW plugin development
  • Certified Avid Connectivity Partner
  • Mobile and embedded platforms
  • Real-time audio engines
  • Real-time inter-app audio communication technologies

Software development and project management

  • Highly experienced Agile team
  • General software architecture, API definitions: C, C++, Objective-C, assembly, Java, JavaScript, Web Audio API, Python, Matlab…
  • x86 (macOS, Windows, Linux) and ARM-based (iOS, Android, DSP) development, porting and optimization
  • Service-oriented architectures

User interaction design

  • 2D and 3D graphical user interfaces
  • 3D interaction tools