Coronal Audio ARCADE — May 2017

Longcat provides the binaural rendering technology used in Coronal ARCADE 3D Audio Codec

AES International Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality — Los Angeles, Sep.29 – Oct.1 2016

We will present our new 3D Audio for VR codec, production tools and techniques, along with Coronal Audio DuoMic, on Oct.1 (Workshop 9)

Mozart 360° – Urban Week Paris La Défense, September 2016:

Our new 3D sound production workflow for VR is used in this VR360 presentation, with Longcat’s enhanced live 3D audio rendering.

AES Convention Paris — June 2016

Two new publications from the Longcat team will be presented at the 140th AES Convention in Paris, June 4-7. Posters and live demos of the new technologies will also be presented in the lobby.